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Play Mother's Day Chocolate Maker Mother's Day Chocolate Maker
Mother's Day Chocolate Maker

holiday, bake, cook, decorate, chocolate, decor, girls, decorating, candy, decoration, baking, girl, cooking

Play Chibi Princess Maker Chibi Princess Maker
Chibi Princess Maker

jasmine, princess, chibi, maker, rapunzel, frozen, elsa

Play Candy Shop Maker Candy Shop Maker
Candy Shop Maker

cooking, candy, shop, cute, maker, management

Play Ultimate Sweets Maker Ultimate Sweets Maker
Ultimate Sweets Maker

icecream, sweets, maker, cakes, ultimate

Play Cone Cupcakes Maker Cone Cupcakes Maker
Cone Cupcakes Maker

ingredients, ice, cooking, baking

Play Sundae Maker Sundae Maker
Sundae Maker

fruit, design, ice, cream, chocolate, candy, custom, create

Play Valentine Manga Maker Valentine Manga Maker
Valentine Manga Maker

cute, girl, date, dating, valentine, boy, love, kissing

Play Manga Creator School Days Manga Creator School Days
Manga Creator School Days

maker, anime, kiss, create, love, cute, manga

Play Candies Maker Candies Maker
Candies Maker

fun, candy, meal, dessert, girls, baking, action, kitchen, skill, chef, sugar, cook, recipe, skills, girl, sweet, bake, cooking

Play Ice Pop Maker Multi Color Ice Pop Maker Multi Color
Ice Pop Maker Multi Color

summer, cooking, seasonal, chef, cook, recipe, cold, girls, bake, baking, ice, cool, icecream, girl, skill, skills, smoothie, fruit

Play Homemade Ice Cream Maker Homemade Ice Cream Maker
Homemade Ice Cream Maker

food, baking, dessert, summer, chef, recipe, ice, bake, cold, cook, girls, seasonal, stir, sugar, icecream, girl, cooking, cool, sweet

Play Ice Cream Cake Maker Ice Cream Cake Maker
Ice Cream Cake Maker

cook, girls, chef, bake, meal, skills, baking, dessert, girl, recipe, cooking, kitchen, skill, cake, chocolate

Play Master Pizza Maker Master Pizza Maker
Master Pizza Maker

eat, meal, pizza, skill, kitchen, dinner, skills, cook, girl, bake, baking, recipe, cooking, chef, food, girls

Play Cake maker Cake maker
Cake maker

Lady has got a job in a factory of cakes and pies, cakes have to prepare quickly so that the owner does not get angry.

Cake games

Play Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Maker Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Maker
Pinkie Pie's Cupcake Maker

Matching Games, Girl Games, Games, My Little Pony Games

Play Candy Cake Maker Candy Cake Maker
Candy Cake Maker

tasty, cake, candy, cooking, delicious, chef

Play Barbie Doll Maker Barbie Doll Maker
Barbie Doll Maker

Makeup games, Games, Unity game, Girls games, Barbie games

Play Cooking Academy Ice Cream Maker Cooking Academy Ice Cream Maker
Cooking Academy Ice Cream Maker

cooking, academy

Play Diva Princess Maker Diva Princess Maker
Diva Princess Maker

Girls games, Dress up Princess games, Dress up games, Princesses games, Games

Play dolls maker dolls maker
dolls maker

You have to build a beautiful doll, choose clothing that will put the hair color, and all the accessories you will carry it.

wrists, factories, dolls

Play Sponge Maker Sponge Maker
Sponge Maker

An avatar maker wich you can creat a polygonal shape, add a face, color it and it background with gradient and them download it im ...

Play Gun Maker Gun Maker
Gun Maker

Create your own guns with this Gun Maker v.1 !

Play Dream Beauty Maker Dream Beauty Maker
Dream Beauty Maker

The champion of National Model Contest is approaching.Are you a dream beauty maker?Now please lease give me a bright make up and d ...

Play Cars Mcqueen Scene Maker Cars Mcqueen Scene Maker
Cars Mcqueen Scene Maker

Disney cars scene maker, drag and drop game

Play 2D Platform Game Maker 2D Platform Game Maker
2D Platform Game Maker

The players can create 2D physics platform games with 2D Platform Game Maker without any capabilities for using scripts, software ...

Play Mega Sonic Scene Maker Mega Sonic Scene Maker
Mega Sonic Scene Maker

Scene maker with sonic characters...

Play Mega Mario Scene Maker 2 Mega Mario Scene Maker 2
Mega Mario Scene Maker 2

Mario Scene Maker using Mario 2 sprites (Wart etc...)

Play Shin Chan Maker - A tribute to Shin Chan Shin Chan Maker - A tribute to Shin Chan
Shin Chan Maker - A tribute to Shin Chan

Shin Chan Maker is a simple game for little ones so that you can entertain you creating Shin Chan.

Play Mega Doll Maker Cool Chick Mega Doll Maker Cool Chick
Mega Doll Maker Cool Chick

Cool Chick is the girl version of the Mega Doll Maker. You can customize hair, shirts, pants, dresses, and all kinds of crazy prop ...

Play Shaquita's Pancake Maker Shaquita's Pancake Maker
Shaquita's Pancake Maker

Create yummy pancakes!

Play Rosy's Necklace Maker Rosy's Necklace Maker
Rosy's Necklace Maker

Make a creative decoration and print it out !

Play Ice-Cream and Cupcake Maker Deluxe Ice-Cream and Cupcake Maker Deluxe
Ice-Cream and Cupcake Maker Deluxe

Create the Ultimate Tasty Treat!

Play Cindy's Donut Maker Cindy's Donut Maker
Cindy's Donut Maker

Create a yummy donut your way your style.

Play Cindy's Sub Maker Cindy's Sub Maker
Cindy's Sub Maker

Help Cindy create a yummy delicious sub sandwich.

Play Shaquita's Sandwich Maker Shaquita's Sandwich Maker
Shaquita's Sandwich Maker

Create a yummy delicious sandwich!

Play Robot Maker Robot Maker
Robot Maker


Play Dream Necklace Maker Dream Necklace Maker
Dream Necklace Maker

Create a beautiful necklace

Play Shaquita's Pizza Maker Shaquita's Pizza Maker
Shaquita's Pizza Maker

Create the perfect pizza

Play Kitten Maker Kitten Maker
Kitten Maker

Create an adorable kitten or cub!

Play Sundae Maker Delight Sundae Maker Delight
Sundae Maker Delight

Create a Sundae

Play Sailor Senshi Maker Sailor Senshi Maker
Sailor Senshi Maker

Make and dress up your own Sailor Scout, inspired by Sailor Moon. Choose from endless hair and clothing possibilities.. even cust ...

Play Heads: Avatar maker Heads: Avatar maker
Heads: Avatar maker

Make and save your own avatar. With over 1 Trillion combinations possible. Press save to have a jpg made for you to download for f ...

Play ChyMini Fashion Avatar Maker ChyMini Fashion Avatar Maker
ChyMini Fashion Avatar Maker

Chy is going out for the evening to a club with her friends. Style up this funky fly diva with Korean-style fashion from head to t ...

Play Shin Chan Maker 2 Shin Chan Maker 2
Shin Chan Maker 2

This is a game for Shin Chan fans. If you liked the first part test this with more options for customization.

Play Donut Maker Donut Maker
Donut Maker

Create a Donut

Play Fighter Plane Maker Fighter Plane Maker
Fighter Plane Maker

Make this fighter plane even more aggressive by adding more weapons and missiles.

Play Coloring Game Maker Coloring Game Maker
Coloring Game Maker

create your coloring game with this swf. you can put the background picture for your customized game. You can change the logo and ...

Play Mermaid Maker Mermaid Maker
Mermaid Maker

Fully customize the gorgeous mermaid of your dreams. Choose her facial features, skin colour, hair and fin shape and colour, and ...

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